The BTS philosophy is that players’ satisfaction lies in their improvement as Beach Tennis players. This has led us to design a variety of courses in order to meet the needs of male and female players, at all levels of technical ability. Our courses are then annually revised and updated, if need be.


Adult course

This course is for amateur adult players and focuses on basic Beach Tennis technique.


Beginners course

This course is for children (under 12/13) and it is aimed at developing social interaction and coordination skills through game activities. The major aim of the course is to enhance children’s physical and mental development while teaching them the sport’s core values, starting from discipline and respect.

Intermediate course

This course is for teenagers (under 15/16) and focuses on advanced technique. It is aimed at preparing players to play in tournaments.

Advanced course

This course is for selected players who have the qualities to become professionals. It is focused on developing technique, technical variations and game plans.


This course is focused on the single player’s technical and physical skills. Sessions are built on the player’s goals and scheduled tournaments.