Become a Bts location

Becoming a BTS location can really make a difference if you are wishing to do business in the world of Beach Tennis. Our experience and statistics make it clear that joining the BTS group can positively impact on your school management.

93% of our locations increase their turnover every year.

The BTS know-how improves:

Your start-up phase;

Your customer management;

Your Coach management;

The project consists of

A start-up phase;

A management system focused on Beach Tennis;

A portal reserved to players;

A secretarial service;

The BTS is a team aimed at reinforcing its partnerships and synergies.

Our achievements

1800 players per month;

37 Coaches;

26 locations in Italy;

1 location in Japan;

1 location in Martinique;

Join the BTS to start and develop your own business within this fantastic world.